New Site

I extend my apologies for my extended absence.  While I have not been here much, I have been working in some capacity.  I just put my new website up.  Slowly, but surely, this will dwindle down and Shaun’s Horror is where my new staging ground will be.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  If you choose not to, thank you for accompanying me on this ride up until this point.  It has been great.  Now, I must bid you adieu.

Family…ar angst

There is nothing more frustrating than to witness the fabric of family unwind before your very eyes knowing there is little influence I can throw in order to fix it.  My mind immediately moves to Weezer……
“Watch me unravel
I’ll soon be naked
Lying on the floor
I come undone.”

Weezer – Undone — The Sweater Song:

–Shaun Wilkinson–

Disappear much?

It seems as though I have disappeared.  Fret not, children, for I have yet to truly arrive.

Ok.  I am not sure where that came from, but there you go.  ‘Tis true, however; I have been absent from here.  It really is a two pronged thing.  First, my interwebs in my little disclosed location is not what one would call the best.  I am paying double the price I would at home for what, I am certain, is little better than 56K modem speed.  Ah, the price one pays to stay in contact with loved ones.

Secondly, and most importantly in my humble opinion, is this……I have taken the plunge and published my first book of poetry (poems: a look within, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle for $12.99.)  Shameful self promotion complete. 

I am extremely proud of this book.  I decided to go the self-publishing route as a means to clean my slate.  After nearly two decades of writing, I felt it finally time to do something with all of this.  I know self publishing in a genre with a niche audience can be tricky, but I figured, “what the hell?”  Self-publishing, aside from formatting issues from bouncing between a Linux computer to Windows and back again, is fairly easy in contrast to self-marketing.  That has kicked my ass.  I will prevail, though.  Even if I only sell two copies, I have busted through the door myself.  It has occupied my time, but I have enjoyed it.  In the end, more pride comes from building something yourself.  These poems have been with me for a long time.  I felt it my obligation to get it out there.  And so you have it…the cause of my absenteeism.

I love poetry.  I love reading.  I love reading your poetry, especially if I follow you on here.  I often feel out of my depth with how great most of you are with it. I may not post much right now, but I am here.  You will know when I am catching up because most of you will get rapid fire likes as I read through. 

So, if you’re still reading, thanks for visiting.  Mostly, thank you for all for your support, be it in the form of pressing a Like button or dropping me a comment.  That, alone, kept me going long before I decided to publish. 
Now……one more shameless self promotion.  😉  Good morning…or evening.  I suppose it depends upon which side of the world you are on.

poems:  a look within


–Shaun Wilkinson–

Who Shall I Be?

Shaun. I stand before you.
Who shall I be?
Staring across the battle grounds
Who shall I be?
Honing a craft meant for death
Who shall I be?
A withered soul, destruction
Who shall I be?
Usurping mine own sensibilities
Who shall I be?
Ne’er more than was intended.
Who shall I be?
Shaun. To even myself, I am unknown.
Who shall I be?

–Shaun Wilkinson–